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Emergency Operations Centers

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Local EOCs are the physical location where multiagency coordination occurs. EOCs help form a common operating picture of the incident, relieve on-scene command of the burden of external coordination and secure additional resources. The core functions of an EOC include coordination, communications, resource dispatch and tracking and information collection, analysis and dissemination. EOCs may be permanent organizations and facilities that are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or they may be established to meet short-term needs. Standing EOCs – or those activated to support larger, more complex incidents – are typically established in a central or permanently established facility. Such permanent facilities in larger communities are typically directed by a full-time emergency manager. EOCs may be organized by discipline (fire, law enforcement, medical services, etc.), by jurisdiction (city, county, region, etc.), by Emergency Support Function (communications, public works, engineering, transportation, resource support, etc.) or, more likely, by some combination thereof.

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Fusion Centers

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