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MGM Grand Hotel

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On Friday, November 21, 1980, at approximately 7:17 a.m., a fire occurred at the MGM Grand Hotel, located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The most probable cause of the fire was heat produced by an electrical ground-fault within a combustible concealed space in a waitresses' serving station of The Deli. The high-rise tower evacuation alarm system did not sound. This fire resulted in the deaths of 85 guests and hotel employees. About 600 others were injured and approximately thirty-five firefighters sought medical attention during and after the fire. Of the 85 fatalities, 61 victims were located in the high-rise tower and 18 were on the Casino level. Fire victims were moved before their locations were documented. The 85th victim died weeks after the fire. Of the 61 victims found in the high-rise tower, 25 were located in rooms, 22 were in corridors, 9 were in stairways and 5 were found in elevators. One person died when she jumped or fell from the high-rise tower.

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