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Hurricanes are violent storms which bring intense winds, heavy rain, a storm surge, floods, coastal erosion, landslides, and tornadoes. While it is difficult to predict the exact time, place, and force of hurricanes, residents of the Atlantic and Gulf Coast states must be prepared. The season for hurricanes is June through November, with most hurricanes occurring mid-August to late October. Each season, on average, six hurricanes form in the Atlantic Ocean of which two become major hurricanes.

Cloud Seeding

Broad Terms:
Natural Disasters

Narrower Terms:
Great New England Hurricane
Hurricane Iniki
Galveston Hurricane
Hurricane Ike
Hurricane Betsy
Hurricane Jeanne
Hurricane Rita
Hurricane Gustav
Hurricane Hugo
Hurricane Charley
Hurricane Gilbert
Hurricane Andrew
Hurricane Katrina
Hurricane Ivan
Hurricane Sandy
Hurricane Frances
Hurricane Agnes
Hurricane Camille

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