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Children Left Home Alone: Eleven Die in Two Fires (Detroit, MI - January/February 1993)

The causes of these fires and the factors which led to the tragic loss of these young lives provide vivid lessons about the dangers of leaving children home alone.

East Bay Hills Fire (Oakland-Berkeley, CA - October 1991)

Analysis of the fire that demonstrated how natural forces may be beyond the control of human intervention and should cause a renewed look at the risk of wildland-urban interface fire disasters.

Eight Children and Two Adults Die in Rural House Fire (Remer, MN - January 1989)

This report on a tragic rural house fire on New Year's Eve includes a detailed description of the State Fire Marshal's process in investigating and analyzing the fire, particularly in regard to cause.

Get Alarmed South Carolina - Lessons Learned from Its Success: Special Report

The story of the successful public fire safety program Get Alarmed, South Carolina and other South Carolina public fire safety efforts since 1988.

Multiple Fatality Single Dwelling Fire (St. Cloud, FL - June 2001)

A technical review of a Florida house fire that killed six people - five of them children under age seven - stresses the importance of smoke alarms, notably in fires that occur when residents would be asleep.

Nine Elderly Fire Victims in Residential Hotel (Miami Beach, FL - April 1990)

This fire demonstrated the need for sprinklers in old structures.

Nine Fatality Apartment House Fire (Ludington, MI - February 1993)

Tenant overcrowding and inadequate fire protection led to the tragic consequences of this fire.

Nine Fatality Mobile Home Fire (Maxton, NC - November 1989)

This classic mobile home tragedy emphasizes the need for public fire education and working smoke alarms.

Power Off to Hard-Wired Detector in Nine-Fatality House Fire

Seven children were among the dead in an early morning arson fire in a house equipped with a hard-wired smoke alarm that was disabled when the utility company cut power for non-payment.

Seven Fatality Christmas Tree Fire (Canton, MI - December 1990)

This tragic fire emphasized the need for immediate evacuation from a burning structure, a valid and practiced home escape plan, the fire hazard of Christmas trees, and increased public fire safety education in schools.

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