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12 Million Dollar Fire at Dogwood Elementary School (Reston, VA - November 2000)

Key issues for this fire at a one story, noncombustible steel frame elementary school with masonry exterior walls involved fire protection and detection. The school was built in an "open classroom" design with demountable partitions as "walls" between groups of four and six classrooms and between classrooms and halls. Investigators determined the cause of the fire to be an electrical short in the building's plenum space.

15 Million Dollar Sight and Sound Theater Fire and Building Collapse (Lancaster County, PA - January 1997)

This report focuses on the absence of fire protection features that could have assisted in saving the structure and reducing damage.

A Comparison of Two Fires: The Westview Towers (NJ) and the Council Towers Apartments (MO) August/October 1998

A technical review of two highrise apartment building fires that caused deaths and injuries to the buildings' elderly residents. According to the review, the presence of medical oxygen and the lack of automatic fire sprinkler systems contributed to the spread of the fires.

A Needs Assessment of the U.S. Fire Service

The purpose of this study was to 1) define the current role and activities associated with the fire services; 2) determine the adequacy of current levels of funding; and 3) provide a needs assessment to identify shortfalls.

Abandoned Cold Storage Warehouse Multi-Firefighter Fatality Fire (Worcester, MA - December 1999)

A technical review of the 1999 Worcester, MA fire that claimed six firefighters concludes that abandoned buildings are a serious threat to firefighters and fire departments must make a concerted effort to use technology to maintain data on buildings in their response districts.

America at Risk

The final report of the America Burning Recommissioned Commission. The Commission reached two major conclusions: 1) the frequency and severity of fires in America is a result of our nation's failure to adequately apply and fund known loss reduction strategies and 2) firefighters and the communities they serve would benefit if the approach to avoiding loss from fires and other hazards was equal to the dedication shown in firefighting and rescue operations.

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America Burning

Perhaps the most widely quoted fire protection publication, this report set the stage for national consciousness-raising about the need for as much concern about fire prevention as for fire suppression.

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Manuals and Reports

America Burning Revisited

This follow-up to the original report, AMERICA BURNING, reviews the progress made to combat the fire problem and to redefine the strategies needed to further reduce loss of life and property to fire.

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Apartment Building Fire (East 50th Street, New York City - January 1988)

This fire demonstrated the need for subjecting multiple occupancy residential buildings to current fire codes regarding installation of fire protection equipment.

Apartment Complex Fire, 66 Units Destroyed (Seattle, WA - September 1991)

A combination of Seattle Fire Department rescue efforts and tenants helping each other resulted in no fatalities for one of that city's largest residential fires in 20 years.

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