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Abandoned Cold Storage Warehouse Multi-Firefighter Fatality Fire (Worcester, MA - December 1999)

A technical review of the 1999 Worcester, MA fire that claimed six firefighters concludes that abandoned buildings are a serious threat to firefighters and fire departments must make a concerted effort to use technology to maintain data on buildings in their response districts.

Aftermath of Firefighter Fatality Incidents: Preparing for the Worst: Special Report

The goal of this report is to provide useful information to fire departments and firefighters that may help in dealing with the consequences of such a tragedy.

Detroit Warehouse Fire Claims Three Firefighters (March 1987)

This report describes the circumstances behind firefighter fatalities occurring within three hours in two separate incidents in different buildings during a massive arson fire.

Four Firefighters Die in Seattle Warehouse Fire (Seattle, WA - January 1995)

Incident shows how critical information can be missed during a complicated incident command operation, particularly when command officers are distracted by trying to perform too many functions without support staff.

Four Firefighters Killed Trapped by Floor Collapse (Brackenridge, PA - December 1991)

Although not new discoveries, this report provides several valuable lessons for the fire service to help prevent this type of accident from occurring in the future.

Highrise Office Building Fire, One Meridian Plaza (Philadelphia, PA - February 1991)

This report documents one of the most significant high-rise fires in U.S. history. The fire claimed the lives of 3 firefighters and gutted 8 floors of a 38-story fire resistive building, causing an estimated $100 million in direct property loss.

Indianapolis Athletic Club Fire (Indianapolis, IN - February 1992)

Two Indianapolis firefighters and an elderly guest died in this fire which occurred while the building housed the jury hearing testimony in heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson's trial.

Structural Collapse at Dwelling Fire Results in Two Firefighter Fatalities (Stockton, CA - February 1997)

A technical review of a residential fire in Stockton, Calif., that claimed three lives, concludes that large, open areas and non-standard construction are indicators of potential collapse in a burning residence and the existence of these must be conveyed to interior fire crews whose vantage point may prevent them from being aware of the potential danger.

Three Firefighters Die in Pittsburgh House Fire (Pittsburgh, PA - February 1995)

This report stresses the importance of effective incident management, communications and personnel accountability systems.

Two Firefighter Deaths in Auto Parts Store Fire (Chesapeake, VA - March 1996)

This incident, in which two firefighters were killed when they became trapped by a rapidly spreading fire, illustrates the failure of lightweight construction systems when key support components are involved in a fire. It also points out the importance of pre-fire planning and accurate size up by fire companies to determine the risk factors associated with a fire in this type of construction.

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