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15 Million Dollar Sight and Sound Theater Fire and Building Collapse (Lancaster County, PA - January 1997)

This report focuses on the absence of fire protection features that could have assisted in saving the structure and reducing damage.

Aerial Ladder Collapse Incidents (April 1996)

This report addresses 5 incidents in which fire department aerial ladders collapsed.

Amtrak Train Derailment (Nodaway, IA - March 2001)

A technical review of an Amtrak derailment in Nodaway, Iowa, which affected 225 passengers and 16 crew members and resulted in one death, concludes that guidelines-previously established for search and rescue operations after a tornado-contributed to the success of the rescue.

Apartment Complex Fire, 66 Units Destroyed (Seattle, WA - September 1991)

A combination of Seattle Fire Department rescue efforts and tenants helping each other resulted in no fatalities for one of that city's largest residential fires in 20 years.

Bonfire Collapse Texas A&M University (College Station, TX - November 1999)

Lessons learned from this incident include: reinforcement of the need for pre-incident planning and the necessity for developing and exercising emergency management plans; an adequate and reliable communication system is essential during a large-scale event; the incident commander should think big-scale down; an event involving multiple casualties can quickly exceed the capabilities of local medical facilities; and the necessity of a strong incident management system.

Broward Marine Fire (Ft. Lauderdale, FL - September 1996)

This report discusses an early morning fire that destroyed the Broward Marine boat manufacturing facility in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and caused extensive damage to several yachts under construction at the facility.

Class A Foam for Structural Firefighting (December 1996)

This report discusses the use of class A foaming agents in conjunction with water for fire suppression. It also provides additional information on the use of Class A foam agents with water and compressed air.

Compressed Air Foam for Structural Firefighting: A Field Test (Boston, MA - June 1993)

The potential benefits of a transfer of compressed air foam technology to the urban environment are examined in this report.

Conservative Approach to Chemical Plant Fire (Ventura County, CA - April 1989)

A conservative approach and planned tactics resulted in safe and effective handling of this fire.

Crash of Two Subway Trains on the Williamsburg Bridge - New York City, NY

Details interagency response of the NYC EMS, Fire Department and Police Department to the crash of two subway trains.

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