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A Comparison of Two Fires: The Westview Towers (NJ) and the Council Towers Apartments (MO) August/October 1998

A technical review of two highrise apartment building fires that caused deaths and injuries to the buildings' elderly residents. According to the review, the presence of medical oxygen and the lack of automatic fire sprinkler systems contributed to the spread of the fires.

Arson and Juveniles Responding to the Violence: Special Report

The purpose of this report is to document the problem of older children who set fires resulting in serious or potentially serious consequences.

Children Left Home Alone: Eleven Die in Two Fires (Detroit, MI - January/February 1993)

The causes of these fires and the factors which led to the tragic loss of these young lives provide vivid lessons about the dangers of leaving children home alone.

College Dormitory Fires in Dover, DE and Farmville, VA (April 1987)

These incidents point to the importance of enforcing fire safety policies and procedures in dormitories and encouraging use of the 911 emergency number for reporting emergencies to appropriate authorities.

Get Alarmed South Carolina - Lessons Learned from Its Success: Special Report

The story of the successful public fire safety program Get Alarmed, South Carolina and other South Carolina public fire safety efforts since 1988.

Multiple Fatality Highrise Condominium Fire (Clearwater, FL - June 2002)

A fire started in the kitchen of a condominium located in an eleven story residential high-rise, built of fire resistive construction. The adult occupant of the unit attempted to fight the fire with portable fire extinguishers and an occupant used fire hose from the building's standpipe system before notifying the fire department or activating the building's fire alarm system, which was monitored by a central station fire alarm service. The delayed alarm resulted in the death of two occupants of the building and injury to five Clearwater firefighters.

Security Burglar Bars: Special Report

Security bars continue to constitute a deadly problem across the nation, presenting a variety of challenges to building officials, public fire initiatives, and tactical response. This report provides information on pre-planning, public education initiatives, code enforcement and firefighting tactics to help combat the problem.

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Seven Fatality Christmas Tree Fire (Canton, MI - December 1990)

This tragic fire emphasized the need for immediate evacuation from a burning structure, a valid and practiced home escape plan, the fire hazard of Christmas trees, and increased public fire safety education in schools.

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