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America at Risk

The final report of the America Burning Recommissioned Commission. The Commission reached two major conclusions: 1) the frequency and severity of fires in America is a result of our nation's failure to adequately apply and fund known loss reduction strategies and 2) firefighters and the communities they serve would benefit if the approach to avoiding loss from fires and other hazards was equal to the dedication shown in firefighting and rescue operations.

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Emergency Incident Rehabilitation

Examines critical topics related to emergency incident rehabilitation, including operational issues, human physiology, weather issues,technology, and addresses ways to better protect firefighters and other emergency responders through the use of proper protective clothing and improved tactical procedures.

EMS Safety Practices

Create a safety culture within the EMS department. Learn how to develop a safety program that covers all aspects of EMS operations.

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Fire Service Operations for the Southeastern Tornados - April 2011

This report provides insight into the challenges and needs of local fire and EMS agencies as they responded to the April 2011 tornados in the southeastern United States.

Fire/EMS Department Operational Considerations and Guide for Active Shooter and Mass Casualty Incidents

This guide is a fire and EMS resource that can be used to support planning and preparation for active shooter and mass casualty incidents.

Funding Alternatives for Emergency Medical and Fire Services

Provides information regarding funding for local level emergency medical services (EMS) and fire departments. The document includes sources of federal funding as well as other new and innovative funding sources not discussed in previous editions.

Mitigation of Occupational Violence to Firefighters and EMS Responders

This report documents the causes of violence to firefighters and EMS responders. It explains the risk factors for violence and presents opportunities to reduce or prevent it.

National Safety Culture Change Initiative

This report looks at fire and emergency service cultural aspects that contribute to occupational illnesses, injuries and fatalities. It provides a basic understanding of the fire and emergency service culture, identifies individual and organizational behaviors that positively and negatively impact health and safety, and highlights focus areas for change by raising awareness about unsafe practices.

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Manuals and Reports

Operational Templates and Guidance for EMS Mass Care Incident Deployment

Provides information for local-level Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and fire departments on the development of preparedness policies for mass care incidents, including natural and man-made disasters, large gathering and pandemic events, and other emergencies potentially resulting in large numbers of patients.

Traffic Incident Management Systems

This manual provides technical guidance and training programs in traffic incident management for fire and emergency service providers. It includes case studies of roadway incidents that have taken firefighters lives, highway scene safety survival basics, and incident command for roadway incidents.

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