Course vacancies

This list is updated every Monday and Thursday. Due to high demand, course vacancies can quickly fill. If interested, apply as soon as you can!

Course Dates Location
Emergency Medical Services: Incident Operations (R0147) 8/5/2018 - 8/10/2018 Emmitsburg, MD
WUI Planning Series: Evacuation, Land Use and Fire Codes (P0608) 8/5/2018 - 8/10/2018 Emmitsburg, MD
Decision Making and Financial Management for Fire and EMS Organizations (M0488) 8/5/2018 - 9/15/2018 Emmitsburg, MD
Introduction to Geographic Intelligence for Fire and Emergency Services (M0589) 8/5/2018 - 9/8/2018 Emmitsburg, MD
Hazardous Materials Operating Site Practices (R0229) 8/20/2018 - 8/31/2018 Emmitsburg, MD
Safety Program Operations (R0154) 9/9/2018 - 9/14/2018 Emmitsburg, MD
Leadership Strategies for Community Risk Reduction (R0200) 9/23/2018 - 9/28/2018 Emmitsburg, MD
Executive Fire Officer Program Symposium (R0120) 4/26/2019 - 4/28/2019 Emmitsburg, MD