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Eligible Instructors for Course

Emergency Response to Terrorism: Strategic Considerations (W0549)

Curriculum: Emergency Response to Terrorism

Instructor Qualifications
Brian Bennett Instructor
Patrick Butler Instructor
Melvin Byrne Instructor
Andrew Byrnes Instructor
Leonard Carmichael, Jr. Instructor
Harold Cohen Instructor
Donald Cox Instructor
Phil Davis Instructor
Vincent Doherty Instructor
Bruce Evans, MPA Instructor
Donald Forsyth Instructor
Tobias Frost Instructor
William Giannini Instructor
Debbie Hilliard Instructor
William MacKay Instructor
David Matthew Instructor
Jack McCartt Instructor
F. Montes-de-Oca Instructor
Lawrence (Larry) Morabito Instructor
Robert Murgallis Instructor
Rick Reddy Instructor
Dennis Rubin Instructor
Gary Seidel Instructor
John Senft Instructor
Douglas Wolfe Instructor
Robert Zalewski Instructor

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