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Eligible Instructors for Course

Fire Investigation: First Responders (W0770)

Curriculum: Fire Investigation

Instructor Qualifications
John Aniello Instructor
James Annas Jr., J.D. Instructor
Thomas Aurnhammer Instructor
Joshua Bass Instructor
Laura Billon Instructor
Brian Blomstrom Instructor
David Bridges Instructor
Brittany Brown Instructor
Robert Carr Jr Instructor
Jeremy Damren Instructor
Scott Dau Instructor
Joel Davis Instructor
Frank DeFrancisco Instructor
John Golder Instructor
Robert Graybill Instructor
Barry Grimm Instructor
Robert Hill Instructor
Michael Jordan Instructor
Jason Karasinski Instructor
Sedric Ketchum Instructor
Todd Laeger Instructor
Jamie McAllister Instructor
Lee McCarthy Instructor
Robert McCormick Jr. Instructor
Donald (Donny) McCown Instructor
Troy Mills Instructor
Martin Monahan Instructor
Karl Morgan Instructor
Donald Nichols Instructor
Kevin Oliver Instructor
Scott Plumer Instructor
Ronald Pristera Instructor
William Ratliff Instructor
Scott Renter Instructor
Lester Rich Instructor
Todd Soong Instructor
Aaron Tyler Instructor
Jerry Ventura Instructor
Beverley Walker Instructor
John Yedinak Instructor
Derrick Young Instructor

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