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Eligible instructors for course

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Leadership in Supervision: Frameworks to Success (F0648)

Curriculum: Fire Prevention: Technical

Instructor Qualifications
Debra Bell Instructor
Timothy Bowen Instructor
Jeffrey Buchanan Instructor
Eddie Burns Instructor
Marianne Buttenschon Instructor
Melvin Byrne Instructor
Amy Castle-Rogers Instructor
Harold Cohen Instructor
Christopher Cotter Instructor
Donald Cox Instructor
Shannon Daniel Instructor
Glenn Davis Instructor
Phil Davis Instructor
William Diershow Instructor
Mary Ellen Dorsett Instructor
J. David Feichtner Instructor
Janie Gunnell Instructor
Christopher Heppel Instructor
Peter Jankowski Instructor
Darryl Jones Instructor
Byron Kennedy Instructor
Edward Kensler Jr. Instructor
Barbara Klingensmith Instructor
Anthony Lang Instructor
Tonya Long Instructor
Lynda Majerowicz Instructor
Joey Manibusan Instructor
Mark Martin Instructor
Paul Matheis Instructor
Debra Mertz Instructor
Richard Mikel Instructor
James Morgan Instructor
Walter Morris Instructor
Leonard Murry Instructor
Dean O'Nale Instructor
Jerome Ozog Instructor
Mark Pare Instructor
Scott Pascu Instructor
Ronald Pristera Instructor
Jack Reall Instructor
Laurie Reinhart Instructor
Mark Schmitt Instructor
John Senft Instructor
Robert Skertich Instructor
John Turner Instructor
John Wagner Instructor
Colleen Walz Instructor
David Whiting Instructor
Frederick Wieners Instructor
Janet Wiseman Instructor