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Eligible Instructors for Course

Incident Safety Officer (F0729)

Curriculum: Responder Health and Safety

Instructor Qualifications
Dena Ali Instructor
Bill Arsenault Instructor
Thomas Aurnhammer Instructor
Robert Barram Instructor
Scott Barthelmass Instructor
Thomas Beasley Instructor
Brian Bennett Instructor
Laura Billon Instructor
Steven Black Instructor
Brian Blomstrom Instructor
James Blount Instructor
Mike Burton Instructor
Leonard Carmichael, Jr. Instructor
Michael Clauson Instructor
Harold Cohen Instructor
Kimberly Cortez Instructor
Doug Cupp Instructor
Kevin Danielson Instructor
Glenn Davis Instructor
Robert Dube Instructor
Gregory Flynn Instructor
Robert Franks, Jr. Instructor
Thomas Gaeta Instructor
Kriss Garcia Instructor
Robert Gateley Instructor
Alfred Gerber, III Instructor
Christopher Grant Instructor
Jonathan Hart Instructor
Christopher Heppel Instructor
Robert Hill Sr. Instructor
James Hughes Instructor
Glenn James, II Instructor
Paul Januszewski Instructor
William Jenaway Instructor
Darryl Jones Instructor
Alan Joos Instructor
Barbara Klingensmith Instructor
Eric Kurtz Instructor
Dustin Lambert Instructor
James Lannan Instructor
David Lewis Instructor
James Logan Instructor
Bailey Martin, Jr. Instructor
Paul Matheis Instructor
Jack McCartt Instructor
Stephen Mclane Instructor
F. Montes-de-Oca Instructor
Lawrence (Larry) Morabito Instructor
Richard Murray Instructor
Denee Nichols Instructor
Alexander Perricone Instructor
Ronald Pristera Instructor
Daryl Rausch Instructor
Dennis Rubin Instructor
Robert Ryalls Instructor
Mark Schmitt Instructor
John Senft Instructor
William Shouldis Instructor
Demond Simmons Instructor
Michael Smith Instructor
Robert Smith Instructor
Robert Swarthout Instructor
John Tippett Instructor
Colleen Walz Instructor
Robert Weer, Jr. Instructor
Jeffrey White Instructor
David Whiting Instructor
Mark Wilson Instructor
Douglas Wolfe Instructor
John Zavala Instructor
David Zinther Instructor

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