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Eligible Instructors for Course

New Fire Chief: Administrative Issues (F0761)

Curriculum: Leadership and Executive Development

Instructor Qualifications
Dena Ali Instructor
Michael Allora Instructor
Frank Babinec Instructor
Kris Blume Instructor
Alana Brown Instructor
Melvin Byrne Instructor
Leonard Carmichael, Jr. Instructor
Matthew Caward Instructor
Michael Chiaramonte Instructor
Harold Cohen Instructor
Mark Cotreau Instructor
Christopher Cotter Instructor
Jim Critchley Instructor
Chad Crouse Instructor
Glenn Davis Instructor
Leonard Edge Instructor
Brett Ellis Instructor
Gregory Flynn Instructor
Bob Horton Instructor
James Hughes Instructor
Ross Johnson, Jr. Instructor
Darryl Jones Instructor
David Lewis Instructor
Geoffrey Low Instructor
Ron Mastin Instructor
Sam Mazza Instructor
Dean O'Nale Instructor
Robert Phillips Instructor
Thomas Poulin Instructor
Daryl Rausch Instructor
Dennis Rubin Instructor
John Senft Instructor
Trevor Steedman Instructor
Anthony Stowers Instructor
Robert Talloni Instructor
Colleen Walz Instructor
David Whiting Instructor
Curvin Wolfgang Instructor
Dustin Zamboni Instructor

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