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Eligible instructors for course

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Executive Skills Series: Exercising Leadership Through Difficult Conversations (F0522)

Curriculum: Leadership and Executive Development

Instructor Qualifications
Michael Allora Instructor
Amy Castle-Rogers Instructor
Michael Chiaramonte Instructor
Kenneth Cline Instructor
Harold Cohen Instructor
Christopher Cotter Instructor
Donald Cox Instructor
Mary Ellen Dorsett Instructor
Brett Ellis Instructor
John Gallis Instructor
Scott Hatten Instructor
Darryl Jones Instructor
Edward Kensler Jr. Instructor
Barbara Klingensmith Instructor
David Lewis Instructor
Tonya Long Instructor
Debra Mertz Instructor
John Murphy Instructor
Thomas Poulin Instructor
Robert Ridgeway Instructor
Derrick Sawyer Instructor
Robert Skertich Instructor
Carolyn Smith-Clark Instructor
Frederick Wieners Instructor