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Advanced Life Support Response to Hazardous Materials Incidents N0247

Curriculum: Hazardous Materials
Training Specialist

Dave Donohue

Delivery type
10-day off-campus
Continuing education units
ACE recommendation
In the upper division baccalaureate degree category, three semester hours in EMS management, fire management, or emergency management.

This rigorous 10-day course is designed for paramedic personnel who have an advanced life support (ALS) emergency medical responsibility at hazardous materials incidents.

Three primary focuses of this course are:

  • In-depth chemistry as it relates to hazardous materials.
  • The medical management of victims.
  • The development and management of the hazardous materials components of the medical support system.

Toxicology and decontamination procedures are covered from an advanced EMS viewpoint.

Strategies for safe emergency medical interaction with contaminated victims are discussed in detail.

Student pre-course materials and course syllabus:

Selection criteria

ALS emergency medical personnel who, as a part of their normal duties, may be needed to perform patient care in the warm zone at hazardous materials incidents or patient care of individuals or groups exposed or contaminated with hazardous materials or weaponized chemical agents. (These may include paramedics, physician assistants, medical doctors or registered nurses.)


  1. Incident Command System (ICS)-100-level and ICS-200-level training. Preferred courses are Q0462 and Q0463, available through NFA Online.  Chief’s signature attests that the applicant has completed this required training.
  2. Applicants must provide current state or national registry paramedic or EMT-I certification or state license as a physician assistant, registered nurse, or medical doctor with external care responsibilities.

Post-course requirements


Student comments

Helped me start a tox-medic program in my department...Our department is currently developing a medical operations team. This information will directly assist in a successful program...Great information presented--I learned quite a bit which has enhanced my knowledge of WMD and ALS intervention.