Fire Investigation: Company Officers N0811

Delivery type 6-Day Off-Campus
ACE recommendation In the lower division baccalaureate/associate degree category, two semester hours in fire science or arson investigation.
CEU’s 3.6
Training Specialist

Lester Rich

Course description

This six-day course addresses the basic skills needed to conduct initial fire cause determinations. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be better prepared to make observations and gather information that will assist in identifying area(s) of origin and assess the need for additional assistance to accurately determine the cause of a fire. Subjects include, but are not limited to, behavior of fire, determining area of origin, accidental and incendiary fire cause determination, fire scene examinations, motives of the firesetter, vehicle fires, legal aspects (court testimony), and handling/preservation of evidence.

Selection criteria

Company Officers, command/chief officers whose departments do not have a formalized fire investigation unit or responsibility. Applicants can access the International Association of Arson Investigators' Distance Learning Network at Certified Fire Investigator Trainer is an online training resource that provides free fire/arson investigation-related training for fire service, law enforcement and insurance personnel interested in furthering their knowledge and understanding of a wide range of topics. These training modules complement many of the concepts that are fundamental to the goals, objectives and learning outcomes of the courses offered in the Fire/Arson and Explosion Investigation curriculum at the National Fire Academy.


Incident Command System (ICS)-100-level and ICS-200-level training. Preferred courses are Q0462 and Q0463 available through NFA Online at Chief's signature attests that the applicant has completed this required training.
Post-course requirements None
Comments To know if it was accidental or arson...I have a better understanding of fire origin and cause...Information given will help with reports and records...It will help to give accurate information to our State Fire Marshal.