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Youth Firesetting Program Manager N0634

Training Specialist

Michael Weller

Delivery type

2-day off-campus

Continuing education units


ACE recommendation

In the upper-division baccalaureate degree category, 1 semester hour in fire management or public safety administration.

"Youth Firesetting Program Manager" is a 2-day course based on the requirements of National Fire Protection Association 1035, Standard on Fire and Life Safety Educator, Public Information Officer, Youth Firesetter Intervention Specialist and Youth Firesetter Program Manager Professional Qualificatons pertaining to the youth firesetting program manager.

It empowers students with knowledge on how to develop, enhance or rejuvenate a youth firesetting prevention and intervention program. This course is designed for the person who is responsible or will be responsible for leading a youth firesetting prevention and intervention program. Students evaluate the existing state of their current youth firesetting program, develop a vision for moving forward, construct an action plan and deliver a persuasive speech to decision-makers for advancing the program.

Pre-course materials and course syllabus

Instructions to Download Student Manual: PDF 109KB

Students either have or will have responsibilities related to developing, implementing, coordinating and/or managing a youth firesetting prevention and intervention program in their community.

Students representing the fire service are encouraged to partner with other agencies for this training. Partners can include but are not limited to fire investigators, law enforcement, mental health, social services, juvenile justice or other stakeholders who can assist in building and maintaining programs in their communities.

Note: There is an extensive, graded pre-course assignment that prepares students for engaging in the subject matter and working with firesetting youth.