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Management Tools for Emergency Services Leaders Q0880

Curriculum: Planning & Information Management
Training Specialist

Dave Donohue

Delivery type
Continuing education units
ACE recommendation
There is not an American Council on Education credit recommendation for this course.

This course is for any fire, EMS, emergency management, and emergency services personnel who may be called upon to identify trends, describe activities, define capabilities  and shortfalls, share information, manage projects, or illustrate their organizations capabilities, needs, or areas of concern to others, including members of the public and elected or appointed decision-makers. This course will provide an introduction on how to use software programs, including Microsoft Excel, MS Project, and Access to perform the following:

  • Query incident data to describe capabilities, identify organizational strengths and weaknesses, and manage response, safety, risk reduction  mitigation efforts.
  • Develop maps to identify areas of concern, illustrate response capabilities, and illustrate organizational needs.
  • Manage multiple activities, oversee personnel, and organize and track logistical needs.
  • Develop and provide oversight of organizational projects and strategic efforts.

Anyone who is planning to, or is enrolled in the NFA's community risk reduction or safety program courses, Managing Office Program courses or any of the following courses is strongly encouraged take this course:

  • M0488 - Decision Making and Financial Management.
  • M0589 - Introduction to Geographic Intelligence for Fire and Emergency Services.
  • R0333 - Fire Service Financial Management.
  • R0491 - NFIRS: Program Manager.
  • R0492 - Emergency Resource Deployment (Standard of Cover).
  • R0506 - Executive Planning.

Selection criteria

Fire, EMS, emergency management, and emergency services personnel.



Post-course requirements