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Hot Topics Research in Fire and Life Safety M0566

Enrollment in mediated courses is currently on hold. This is an NFA Online mediated course taught by an instructor with multiple students. Lessons, activities and communication are taught asynchronously through NFA Online, allowing students to complete course work on their own time. Assignment completions have assigned timeframes and all course participants are expected to connect with each other and the instructor two or more times per week.
Curriculum: Fire Prevention: Technical
Training Specialist

Keith Heckler

Delivery type
Continuing education units
ACE recommendation
ACE has not reviewed this course.

Enrollment in mediated courses is currently on hold. This is a 6-week online mediated course designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to identify and research hot topics in fire and life safety to ultimately identify, promote, and embrace change within the fire and life safety community. This includes local, state, tribal, and national fire and life safety entities.

At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Scan the environment and conduct valid research into new technologies, trends, laws, and products.
  • Read, interpret, and apply relevant research in such areas as human behavior, fire dynamics, and other emerging issues.
  • Identify emerging local, state, Tribal, and national fire and life safety challenges and develop strategic solutions.
  • Demonstrate how research plays a part in community risk reduction.

Selection criteria

The primary audience for this course is any person responsible for programs within the fire and life safety community, which typically includes fire and life safety professionals and those working within the community, or allied professionals working in related fields.


Applied Research Design for Fire and Emergency Medical Services (Q0427), available through NFA Online.

Post-course requirements