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Challenges for the Future III: Health Care and EMS M0564

Enrollment in mediated courses is currently on hold. This is an NFA Online mediated course taught by an instructor with multiple students. Lessons, activities and communication are taught asynchronously through NFA Online, allowing students to complete course work on their own time. Assignment completions have assigned timeframes and all course participants are expected to connect with each other and the instructor two or more times per week.
Curriculum: Emergency Medical Services
Training Specialist

Michael Stern

Delivery type
Continuing education units
ACE recommendation
In the upper division baccalaureate degree category, two semester hours in emergency medical services (EMS), fire science, or public administration.

Enrollment in mediated courses is currently on hold. This four-week EMS-/health care-focused online mediated instruction course designed to explore the impacts that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) and the evolution of health care systems have on their organizations.

Students will evaluate:

  •  The historical formation of modern EMS and the societal safety nets of Social Security and Medicare, resulting in the current health care system.
  • The impact that the PPACA has on the emergency services system.
  • The impact that the PPACA has on the workforce and consider the implications that health care innovations will have on their organizations.

Student pre-course materials and course syllabus:

Selection criteria

The primary audience for this course will include (but not be limited to) experienced Company Officers and new chief officers.

The secondary audience may be personnel who are involved in the strategic planning process.



Post-course requirements