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Challenges for the Future I: Community, Political Landscape, and Workforce M0562

Enrollment in mediated courses is currently on hold. This is an NFA Online mediated course taught by an instructor with multiple students. Lessons, activities and communication are taught asynchronously through NFA Online, allowing students to complete course work on their own time. Assignment completions have assigned timeframes and all course participants are expected to connect with each other and the instructor two or more times per week.
Curriculum: Leadership and Executive Development
Training Specialist

George Morgan

Delivery type
Online - Instructor Led
Continuing education units
ACE recommendation
In the upper division baccalaureate degree category, two semester hours in political science, public policy or public administration.

Enrollment in mediated courses is currently on hold.  This is a four-week mediated online course designed to explore the impact of the rapidly evolving changes to communities, political landscape and workplace. Students will analyze the demographic, economic and social trends in their community and recognize how these may affect an organization’s mission and emergency service delivery model. Students will evaluate the shifting political, legal and regulatory landscape and how it affects an organization and will assess how changing societal values, norms and mores are affecting the workplace.

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Post-course requirements