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Training Operations in Small Departments O0290

Please Note: This course is scheduled and delivered through your State's Fire Training Agency. Please contact your State Fire Training Agency for more information.
Curriculum: Training Programs
Training Specialist

Dave Donohue

Delivery type
2-day off-campus
Continuing education units
ACE recommendation
There is no ACE credit recommendation for this course.

This two-day course is designed to provide students with some basic tools and skills to coordinate training in a small fire/EMS organization. A training function in a smaller department typically may include conducting training drills and coordinating training with a nearby larger city or state training function.

Course content includes:

  • Leadership issues in fire service training, such as why and how the local training officer must be a catalyst for change and personal motivators within the department.
  • Identifying the legal issues affecting the training function, including an understanding of a standard of care and the impact of Occupational Safety and Health Administration and National Fire Protection Association standards.
  • Safety considerations in training.
  • Marketing training internally.
  • Identifying ways to justify training needs.
  • Resolving training conflicts using appropriate conflict resolution techniques.
  • Selecting and evaluating training curricula and materials from outside sources.
  • Effective delivery and evaluation of training.

Selection criteria


  • Fire and rescue personnel who coordinate training in small departments.
  • Volunteer firefighters and officers who instruct in small fire and rescue departments.
  • Fire personnel serving on training committees.
  • Training officers in volunteer fire departments.

Note: Students who have taken the National Fire Academy's (NFA’s) "Challenges for Local Training Officers" (R0815) through the Volunteer Incentive Program are not encouraged to take the NFA’s "Training Operations in Small Departments" (O0290).


Recommended:  Incident Command System (ICS)-100-level and ICS-200-level training. Preferred courses are Q0462 and Q0463, available through NFA Online.

Post-course requirements