Politics and the White Helmet (Course available only during NFA Sponsored State Weekends) W0121

Delivery type 2-Day On-Campus
ACE recommendation In the upper division baccalaureate degree category, one semester hour in fire service administration or public safety administration.
CEU’s 1.5
Student pre-course materials and course syllabus https://nfa.usfa.fema.gov/ax/syll/syllabus_w0121.pdf PDF 130KB
Training Specialist

Kevin Brame

Course description

This two-day course is aimed at providing the chief officers in both fire service and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) agencies with an overview of the ways to succeed and work within the political system at local, county and state levels to achieve positive results for their department. It will give the officer an improved insight into better ways to relate and speak to citizens and others in order to gain support and understanding of their needs for bond issues, tax votes and general elections. Participants learn about successful approaches that are appropriate for government employees and volunteers. The course identifies successful tools needed to address the challenge that is necessary to bring about change and how a department's culture of power, influence, negotiation and coalition building is important to success.

Selection criteria

Key fire service personnel in positions of leadership and Company Officers (COs) or other ranks above CO and those who seek to learn of new approaches to better deal with their community's fire and EMS challenges, including departmental officers and leaders, operational and administrative, in the nation's departments. The course is directed at people who hold officer or leadership positions in both fire and EMS agencies. Open to all interested emergency services officers, including volunteer, career and allied professions.


Post-course requirements None