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Includes provisional information
Name Fire department Location Date of death
Chester F. Warner Prudence Island Fire Department Prudence Island, Rhode Island Oct 1, 1992
John F. Hargreaves Pawtucket Fire Department Pawtucket, Rhode Island Aug 22, 1993
Harold L. Salisbury East Greenwich Fire Department East Greenwich, Rhode Island Jan 10, 1994
Ronald A. Guilmette Woonsocket Woonsocket, Rhode Island Dec 11, 1997
Ralph W. Blackmar South Foster Volunteer Fire Department Foster, Rhode Island Aug 1, 2001
Richard O'Brien Warren Fire Department Warren, Rhode Island Sep 10, 2004
Michael J. Day Providence Fire Department Providence, Rhode Island Jun 13, 2006
Gerald R. Leduc Tiverton Fire Department Tiverton, Rhode Island Aug 3, 2008
Wayne D. Brown Bristol Fire and Rescue Department Bristol, Rhode Island Nov 3, 2008
Allan "Pickles" LePage Kingston Fire District Kingston, Rhode Island Jun 30, 2009

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