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Includes provisional information
Name Fire department Location Date of death
Charles R. Lowery, II Lowell Volunteer Fire Department Lowell, North Carolina Oct 20, 1990
Ronnie E. Hoots Edneyville Fire and Rescue Department Edneyville, North Carolina Oct 30, 1990
James H. Lee Wilson's Mills Volunteer Fire Department Wilson's Mills, North Carolina Jun 25, 1991
Michael D. Hoover Tabernacle Fire Department Trinity, North Carolina Oct 14, 1992
Patrick J. Dougherty Garner Fire Department Garner, North Carolina Apr 7, 1993
Jacob C. Parris Balsam-Willets-Ochre Hill Volunteer Fire Department Sylva, North Carolina Feb 4, 1994
Jesse U. Shockley, Jr. Fort Bragg Fire Department Ft. Bragg, North Carolina Dec 10, 1994
James G. Hinson Mebane Volunteer Fire Department Mebane, North Carolina Aug 27, 1995
James Shue Locke Township Volunteer Fire Department Salisbury, North Carolina Dec 14, 1995
Leonard W. Coulter Gerton Fire Department Gerton, North Carolina Aug 21, 1996

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