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Includes provisional information
Name Fire department Location Date of death
Kevin D. Keel US Forest Service Lakewood, Colorado Sep 19, 1991
Richard Wilson Glenwood Springs Department of Emergency Services Glenwood Springs, Colorado Jun 29, 1992
Mark W. Langvardt Denver Fire Department Denver, Colorado Sep 28, 1992
Douglas K. Konecny Denver Fire Department Denver, Colorado Jan 3, 1993
Richard Tyler US Department of the Interior Grand Junction, Colorado Jul 6, 1994
Martin Kautz Brush Volunteer Fire Department Brush, Colorado Aug 31, 1995
Robert W. Crump Denver Fire Department Denver, Colorado Aug 17, 2000
Jay Shaffer Larkspur Fire Protection District Larkspur, Colorado Mar 17, 2001
Jack H. Fowler, Jr. Pueblo West Fire Department Pueblo West, Colorado Jun 24, 2001
Lazaro Martinez Fisher's Peak Fire Protection District Trinidad, Colorado Jul 28, 2001

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