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Includes provisional information
Name Fire department Location Date of death
Keith O. Williams Camilla Fire Department Camilla, Georgia Oct 17, 2020
Harold Boone Monroe County Emergency Services Forsyth, Georgia Nov 2, 2020
Johnny D. Ivison, Jr. Easton Township Fire Department Easton, Kansas Nov 8, 2020
Matthew D. Bennett Indianapolis Fire Department Indianapolis, Indiana Nov 14, 2020
Sean D. Laffan Oakland Fire Department Oakland, California Nov 16, 2020
Donald J. Beauchene Warren City Fire Department Warren, Ohio Nov 17, 2020
Joseph "Joe" T. Gallo Blissfield Township Fire Department Blissfield, Michigan Nov 17, 2020
Michael J. Buitendorp Grant Township Fire Department Rothbury, Michigan Nov 18, 2020
Robert "Bobby" J. Rocha Kansas City, MO Fire Department Kansas City, Missouri Nov 21, 2020
Robert "Bob" G. Cree Harrison Township Volunteer Fire Department Lucerne, Indiana Nov 22, 2020

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