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Dustin Keith Jones


Captain McCulloch and Firefighter Jones responded with other members of their fire department to a structure fire in a single-story commercial building. The fire fight involved a number of fire departments and stretched over a period of hours. Approximately 4 hours after the initial alarm, Captain McCulloch, Firefighter Jones, and another firefighter stretched a handline to the front of the store to extinguish hot spots. As the firefighters worked, an overhead awning collapsed inward toward the firefighter and the front wall of the building collapsed outward. Captain McCulloch and Firefighter Jones were buried in debris. Firefighters on the scene summoned help and attempted to remove debris and locate the trapped firefighters. Airbags were used to lift portions of the collapsed building and both trapped firefighters were located approximately 20 minutes after the collapse. Both firefighters were pronounced dead at the scene. The cause of death for both firefighters was listed as multiple blunt force trauma. For additional information regarding this incident, please refer to NIOSH Fire Fighter Fatality Investigation and Prevention Program report F2006-07 (
photo of the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial
Dustin Keith Jones was honored on the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial in Emmitsburg, Maryland and was included in the USFA’s annual report Firefighter Fatalities in the United States.

Department information

Moulton Fire Department
902 East Street
Moulton, Alabama 35650

Chief: Brian Phillips, Acting Chief

View NIOSH Report

Age: 23
Rank: Firefighter
Classification: Volunteer
Incident date: February 21, 2006 21:50
Date of death: February 21, 2006
Cause of fatal injury: Collapse
Nature of fatal injury: Crushed
Activity type: Advance Hose Lines/Fire Attack (includes Wildland)
Emergency duty: Yes
Duty type: On-Scene Fire
Fixed property use: Store/Office

Last updated: January 31, 2014