Courtroom Preparation and Testimony for First Responders F0209

Delivery type 2-Day Off-Campus
ACE recommendation In the lower division baccalaureate/associate degree category, one semester hour in fire science, Emergency Medical Services, emergency management, and law enforcement.
CEU’s 1.4
Training Specialist

Lester Rich

Course description

This two-day course will provide the necessary tools for all emergency responders who may be called upon for depositions and/or courtroom testimony relevant to facts witnessed on arrival at a scene as a first responder. This course will emphasize the importance of reporting factual events. It also will address the need to improve report-writing skills after witnessing an event and oral presentation skills if asked to describe the event in a court of law. The intent of this course is to prepare all emergency responders, with emphasis on volunteer firefighters, to present information to the legal system.

Selection criteria

Open to all interested emergency services personnel, including volunteer, career and allied professions, who are interested in controlling the arson problem.


Post-course requirements None