Applications of Community Risk Reduction (R0385)

Training Specialist

Gerry Bassett

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Curriculum: Fire Prevention: Public Education, Managing Officer

This new six-day course is intended to inspire Managing Officers (MO) to lead and conduct risk-reduction activities within the service area of their community. The course is both for the MO who is currently engaged in risk-reduction activities and the MO who desires to lay the foundation to start community risk reduction.

Applications of Community Risk Reduction is about how the MO can plan, implement, and evaluate risk-reduction activities to benefit the citizens they serve and those in the fire and emergency services who provide the services. The course features the role of the officer as an inspirational leader for the risk reduction cause. The course also provides an opportunity for the student to apply risk reduction activities in communities with a diverse population.

Students learn that a broader approach to fire protection involves multiple interventions, and when all are applied to a specific community risk issue, a difference is likely to occur, reducing risk for citizens. Students also learn that by reducing the community’s risk, the risk of death and injuries to firefighting forces is also reduced.

Selection Criteria You must meet the criteria for and be enrolled in the NFA's Managing Officer Program.
Delivery Type 6-Day On-Campus
Prerequisites You must meet the criteria for and be enrolled in the NFA's Managing Officer Program.
ACE Recommendation
Post-Course Requirements Upon completion of the resident courses, Managing Officer candidates will have to complete a capstone project.
Student Pre-Course Materials None.
NFPA Standards None.
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Course Schedule Information

Dates Availability Location Contact(s)
April 26, 2015 - May 1, 2015 Emmitsburg, Maryland
May 3 - 8, 2015 Emmitsburg, Maryland
August 2 - 7, 2015 Emmitsburg, Maryland
August 9 - 14, 2015 Emmitsburg, Maryland