Incident Command System and Resource Management for the Fire Service (P0376)

Training Specialist

Robert Bennett

Curriculum: Incident Management

This is a significantly revised 2-day program providing students with an understanding of the Incident Command System (ICS) and Resource Management for the Fire Service and their application in both emergency and nonemergency situations. This course addresses the need for an ICS, an overview of the structure and flexibility of ICS, and an understanding of the command skills necessary to function effectively in an ICS structure and the need to effectively manage your resources. This course meets the requirements of ICS 100 & ICS 200.

Selection Criteria All first responders with responsibilities to use, deploy, implement, and/or function within an ICS and Resource Management.
Delivery Type 2-Day On-Campus
ACE Recommendation
Post-Course Requirements
Student Pre-Course Materials None.
NFPA Standards None.
Student Comments Applications must be received by close of business July 15, 2013. Completed applications may be faxed to the NETC Office of Admissions at 301-447-1441 or 301-447-1658 or mailed to: NETC Office of Admissions; 16825 South Seton Avenue; Emmitsburg, Maryland 21727. Course materials are provided at no cost to participants. Lodging is provided at no cost to representatives of career or volunteer departments and State/local governments. Meal costs and transportation expenses are the responsibility of the individual participants or the sponsoring agency. There is no Student Stipend Reimbursement for this pilot offering. Students staying on campus will be required to purchase a campus meal plan which will consist of 3 meals (B/L/D) on Saturday and 2 meals (B/L) on Sunday and costs approximately $39.00. Application web link: