21st Century Training for Fire/EMS Training Officers (P0354)

Training Specialist

Gerry Bassett

Curriculum: Training Programs

This new 6-day course seeks to improve the 21st century training skills of training officers in a fire/Emergency Medical Services organization. Specifically, students will formulate a plan to integrate innovative methods, technologies and safety measures into their fire and EMS training programs.

The students themselves will model and demonstrate many of the course concepts and then make decisions as to whether and how these concepts could be integrated into a local training program brought to class by each student. For example, students will learn about emerging roles for students and instructors through a lesson taught using these same concepts.

As the course progresses, students develop justifications for making the case for change in their training program and within their organization. The course promotes ideas for change and innovation as a method to move fire service training into the 21st century. Students’ final presentations focus on how they can market these changes as return on investments to the senior staff in their organization, including the fire chief.

In keeping with 21st century training, the computer is the primary platform from which students will receive and process learning materials, activities and resources. The class is also highly interactive with opportunities to share and learn from others. NFA will provide the students with a stationary computer during class; however, students must bring their own portable computer for evening assignments.

Selection Criteria Students must have current or future responsibility for their organization’s (department wide) training function. Note: This should be noted in Block 16 on the application.
Delivery Type 6-Day On-Campus
Prerequisites Successful completion of a basic instructor training program from a local, state or national organization. Such programs may include Instructor I or higher state certification programs. NFA’s former “Fire Service Instructional Methodology” or current “Fire Service Course Design” (one week or two week), or a local college or university “methods of teaching” course are some qualifying examples. This instructor training prerequisite must be noted on the application form in Block 10. ALL NFA resident students must complete ICS-100-level and ICS-200-level training BEFORE they arrive at the NETC. While we prefer that students complete the Q0462 and Q0463 courses available through NFA Online at www.usfa.fema.gov/nfa/nfaonline/, we will accept other National Incident Management System-compliant equivalent training as provided by state or federal agencies. The fire chief’s signature on the application attests that the applicant has completed this required prerequisite training.
ACE Recommendation ACE has not yet reviewed this new course.
Post-Course Requirements None
Student Pre-Course Materials None.
NFPA Standards None.
Student Comments IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The two scheduled offerings are PILOT offerings of this brand new 6-day course. Applicants desiring to apply for both offerings must file separate applications for each offering and will be notified separately for each pilot offering. Applications must be received by close of business Friday, June 14, 2013. Completed applications may also be faxed to the NETC Office of Admissions at 301-447-1441 or 301-447-1658. Please fax two applications (one for each offering) if applying for both offerings. Applicants should not make plans to attend the pilot course until notified by the NETC Admissions Office. Stipends for eligible students are available for attendance at pilot courses. Attendance at pilot courses does not prevent an eligible student from obtaining another stipend within the same fiscal year.