Conducting Local Risk Reduction by Company Officers (P0186)

Training Specialists

Gerry Bassett

Robert Bennett

Curriculum: Fire Prevention: Public Education, Incident Management

This new 6-day NFA course seeks to improve the skills of Company Officers (COs) to lead and conduct risk-reduction activities within the service area of their station/community. The course is both for the CO who is currently engaged in risk-reduction activities and the CO who desires to lay the foundation to start community risk reduction.

CLRRCO is about how a local fire station can plan, implement, and evaluate risk-reduction activities to benefit the citizens it serves. The course features the role of the CO as an inspirational leader both within the fire station and in the service area of the station/community.

Students learn that a broader approach to fire protection involves multiple interventions, and when all are applied to a specific community risk issue, a difference is likely to occur, reducing risk for the citizens. Students also learn that by reducing the community’s risk, the risk for firefighting forces is also reduced.

The risk-reduction model used in the course is similar to other NFA Executive Fire Officer courses and Vision 20/20 outreach efforts. The course emphasizes risk-reduction activities, which enable station personnel through development and implementation of a plan, to reduce risks within their station service area. Students will have the opportunity to develop/simulate a plan to lead station personnel to reduce risks in their own service area.

Stipends for eligible students are available for attendance at pilot courses. Attendance at pilot courses does not prevent an eligible student from obtaining another stipend within the same fiscal year.

Selection Criteria • Company Officers who have station-based responsibility for a service area.
• Consideration also given to acting Company Officers and other fire officers who have station-based responsibility for a service area.
Delivery Type 6-Day On-Campus
Prerequisites ALL National Fire Academy resident students must complete ICS-100-level and ICS-200-level training BEFORE they arrive at the National Emergency Training Center. While we prefer that students complete the Q462 and Q463 courses available through NFA Online at we will accept other NIMS-compliant equivalent training as provided by State or Federal agencies. The Fire Chief’s signature on the application attests that the applicant has completed this required prerequisite training.
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Post-Course Requirements
Student Pre-Course Materials None.
NFPA Standards None.
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