Leadership Strategies for Community Risk Reduction (R0200)

Training Specialist

Mary Marchone

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Curriculum: Fire Prevention: Management

This 6-day course is designed for the student who has or will have responsibility to develop, implement and lead community risk reduction and health programs. These include human-caused, natural disasters and health risks. The course empowers students with knowledge of how to prevent, reduce, and mitigate community risk. It advocates the use of proven interventions, mechanisms to gather and analyze critical dta, actions to target specific at-risk populations, evaluation, and how to build internal and external support to accomplish the changing mission of fire and emergency services.

This course will benefit progressive fire and EMS departments who are initiating programs to reduce their community's risks and mitigate their consequences. There is a precourse assignment to conduct a community risk assessment.

Selection Criteria Individuals in emergency services, especially those in operations and EMS who would like to strengthen their knowledge and skills in community risk reduction, fire, injury and illness prevention as well as health promotion. Target audiences include company officers, EMS providers, fire inspectors, fire marshals, fire and EMS officers, fire and life safety educators, and other community or allied professionals in community risk reduction.
Delivery Type 6-Day On-Campus
Prerequisites ICS 100 level and ICS 200 level training. Preferred courses are Q462 and Q463 available through NFA Online at www.nfaonline.dhs.gov. Chief's signature attests that the applicant has completed this required training.
ACE Recommendation In the upper division baccalaureate degree category, 3 semester hours in fire science, risk management, or public safety administration.
CEU's 4.0
Post-Course Requirements None
Student Pre-Course Materials

PDF, 4.58MB http://nfa.usfa.dhs.gov/ax/pcm/pcm_r0200.pdf (4.58MB, PDF Help)

NFPA Standards None.
Student Comments Note: The May 3-8 offering is being held as a BACK TO BACK offering, paired with the R0312 Command & Control of Incident Operations. If you attend R0200 May 3-8 you MUST also attend R0312 April 26 - May 1. ADDITIONALLY: The August 9-14 offering is paired with the R763 New Fire Chief. If you attend the R0200 August 2-7 you MUST also attend the R0763 August 9-14. Submit an application for EACH course in the pair; you only need to meet the selection criteria for one of the courses to attend both.

Course Schedule Information

Dates Availability Location Contact(s)
Apply Apply » March 15 - 20, 2015 Vacancies Emmitsburg, Maryland
Apply Apply » May 3 - 8, 2015 Apply by 12/15 Emmitsburg, Maryland
Apply Apply » August 2 - 7, 2015 Apply by 12/15 Emmitsburg, Maryland
Apply Apply » August 16 - 21, 2015 Apply by 12/15 Emmitsburg, Maryland