Firefighter Fatalities Statistics and Reports

The U. S. Fire Administration (USFA) has tracked the number of firefighter fatalities and conducted an annual analysis for 36 years.

Through the collection of information on the causes of firefighter deaths, the USFA is able to focus on specific problems and direct efforts toward finding solutions to reduce the number of firefighter fatalities in the future. This information is also used to measure the effectiveness of current programs directed toward firefighter health and safety.


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Twenty-two firefighters were killed during fireground operations in 2012.
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In 2010, there were 2.33 firefighter fatalities per 100,000 fire incidents in the United States.
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Fire Incidents Chart (2001-2010)
4,410 onduty firefighter fatalities occurred in the United States between 1977-2012.
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(1977-2012) Chart

Nature of Fatal Injury

Heart Attack 47.2%
Trauma 28.2%
Asphyxiation 6.4%
Other 5.7%
Cerebrovascular Accident 4.9%

Firefighter Classifications

Volunteer 53.4%
Career 35%
Wildland Contract 4.2%
Paid-on-Call 2.3%
Wildland Full-Time 1.9%

Type of Duty

On-Scene Fire 28.8%
Other On-Duty 18%
After 16.5%
Responding 15.2%
Training 10.8%

Type of Incident

Not Incident-Related 32.1%
Structure Fire 27.4%
Wildland 12.7%
Motor Vehicle Accident 10.4%
Other 5.3%

Type of Activity

Other 37.5%
Advance Hose Lines/Fire Attack (includes Wildland) 14.8%
In-Station Duties 7.2%
Driving/Operating Vehicle/Apparatus 7.2%
Driving/Riding Personal Vehicle 7%

States with Most Fatalities

Pennsylvania 36
California 33
New York 33
North Carolina 31
Texas 26

Totals may not equal 100% because of rounding.