Residential Fire Fatalities in the News

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Information on residential fire fatalities is compiled through a daily Internet search (Monday-Friday) of U.S. news media reports. The primary purpose of this information is to help raise awareness about the danger of fire and the frequency of home fire deaths.

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We gather home fire fatality information from U.S. news media reports published within 24-48 hours after a fatal fire. These early reports provide only basic information about what happened, such as how many fatalities, when and where the fire happened, and the type of home, for example, a house, apartment or mobile home. Most fires require investigations that can take weeks or months to complete. For this reason, the information found on this page should be viewed only as preliminary, especially as it relates to the cause of the fire and the presence or absence of working smoke alarms.

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1584 civilian fire fatalities reported by U.S. news media between January 1, 2014 and August 21, 2014, for criteria = All Causes, All Residential Building Types.

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MFI Incident Date City/State Reported Cause Gender Age
n/a 08/21/2014 Brighton, MA Electrical Malfunction n/a n/a
1/2 08/21/2014 Muscogee County, GA Under Investigation Male 1
2/2 08/21/2014 Muscogee County, GA Under Investigation Female 32
n/a 08/21/2014 Cleveland, OH Under Investigation Male 69
n/a 08/20/2014 Iowa, LA Electrical Malfunction Female 60
1/2 08/20/2014 Bronson, FL Under Investigation Female 78
2/2 08/20/2014 Bronson, FL Under Investigation Female 10
1/2 08/20/2014 Columbus, GA Under Investigation n/a n/a
2/2 08/20/2014 Columbus, GA Under Investigation Female n/a
n/a 08/20/2014 Sumter County, SC Under Investigation Male 61

Multiple Fatality Incident (MFI)

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